Twyla, EPR sign pact to promote environmental sustainability awareness in Qatar

    28 May 2021

    In an effort to reduce waste and its accumulation and damage to the environment and society, Twyla Plastic Recycling (TPR) and Elite Paper Recycling (EPR) Factory have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote awareness in the field of environmental sustainability for a healthier and more aware society, and to enhance cooperation to promote environmental sustainability and recycling.

    The agreement was signed by Zuhair Assi, TPR general manager, and Catina Aghayan, EPR business strategy and communication advisor, Qatar Tribune reports.

    The agreement represents a step towards sustainable environmental efforts and awareness as it aims to embody a mutual desire.

    The agreement is within the framework of their programmes and activities to achieve a sustainable future in societies and work together to find solutions to the persistent environmental problems and instil the correct concepts in the next generation.

    Assi said, “We are happy to sign this agreement with the Elite Paper Recycling Factory, which is unique in its kind and a leader in the field of recycling paper waste. This is only the beginning of a lot of future collaborations in recycling between both of us. In Twyla, we believe in social responsibility, environmental initiatives and the importance of engaging in such partnerships to strive towards a more sustainable environment.”

    On her part, Aghayan said, “We are very happy to achieve such a wonderful partnership in the field of environment and recycling as we are keen that this strategic partnership complements our social responsibility in Qatar and the world.

    “We are working to unify efforts and exchange services. This is in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and there will be many future cooperation between us, especially green initiatives on various levels. We thrive with our partners to build awareness and contribute to developing a better quality of life.

    Elite Paper Recycling is established as a paper Manufacturing Company in Qatar that can recycle all types of papers. Since 2015, it has worked towards creating an eco-friendly environment by providing quality services and solution to the corrugated carton industry.

    Elite Paper Recycling specialises in multiple product lines with efficient and highly-productive factory technologies with a capability of recycling over 4,000 tonnes of paper per month, enabling for an aggregate production capacity of 48,750 metric tonnes per year.

    Twyla Recycling is a subsidiary of Twyla, a Qatari organisation dedicated to the betterment of all communities.

    Taking inspiration from the environmental pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and the country’s forward-looking environmental policies, Twyla Recycling was established in 2014 to provide a much-needed service to all of Qatar’s communities to remove, recycle and reuse waste to ensure a greener Qatar for generations to come.

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