This weekend watch the sunrise or sunset at Oman’s beautiful beaches

    21 Nov 2021

    Oman is blessed with breathtaking beaches that are both environmentally and geologically diverse, and one can find rocky, sandy beaches as well as fjords, islands, and beach-lakes that are home to gorgeous aquatic flora and fauna. Times of Oman advises us to enjoy a walk on the soft sands, go fishing, have a picnic, or watch the sunrise or sunset at Oman’s beautiful beaches.


    Al Bustan Beach

    Located in the Governorate of Muscat, Al Bustan Palace Hotel sprawls over the beach and overlooks the mountains that intertwine with the hotel’s sands and beaches. These mountains lend the beach an unsurpassed sense of privacy.


    Qurum Beach

    This beach lies in Qurum and extends over a large area. A number of large hotel chains are built next to it, such as Hotel Muscat InterContinental and Crowne Plaza. This beach is considered one of the busiest in Muscat due to its location near shopping centres and restaurants. Walking enthusiasts can enjoy the boardwalk along the beach and then rest on the numerous chairs and umbrellas that dot the beach.



    Ras Madrakah Beach

    Ras Al Madrakah, near Duqm, is a breezy, misty, beach with a weather that is a lot cooler than the northern coast of Oman, courtesy the presence of monsoon clouds in summer months. The scenery here is stunningly attractive, and the beach is a good fishing spot too, where one can enjoy the beautiful soft sand and waves on a weekend camping day out.


    Al Lakbi Beach

    Located in Al Wusta Governorate, Al Lakbi beach is an interesting mixture of soft sand areas and shallow rock pools. The beach’s shoreline receives the benefit of the summer monsoon climate that makes it a natural habitat for a rich variety of birds.


    White Beach

    Overlooked by the towering escarpment of Al Hajar Ash Sharqi mountain range is the beautiful bay of the ‘White Beach’, near Fins village in Muscat Governorate, on the coastal road between Sur and Quriyat. The clear turquoise water of the Sea of Oman here laps Sand formed from ancient coral reefs, thus creating one of the area’s most relaxing locations.


    Yanket Beach

    The deep fjord-like creek at Yanket extends about 2km inland, from the Sea of Oman creating a unique inlet. Yanket’s beach is home to a football pitch, which periodically disappears under the advancing tide that adjacent boats use to escape into the sea. The best way to visit this beach-creek is by boat, and the 25 minutes journey from Marina Bandar Rowdah will reward you with a close view of grey herons and other birds upon arrival.


    Khalouf Beach

    It lies to the south of Muscat and large sand dunes can be found here. You can see flamingos, eagles and many other migratory birds if your are lucky.


    Dhofar Beaches


    Dhofar Governorate is characterized by attractive and rich beaches. There are plenty of lagoons crowded with flamingos, as well as caves with winding entrances. The Governorate’s most important beaches are Al Maghsayl,  Raysut, Al Hafah, and the shores of Wilayat Taqah, Mirbat and Sha, noted for the purity of their sands and the beauty of their surrounding rocks and scenic nature.

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