‘Think Green, Live Green’ drive cleans up Qatar beaches

    18 Nov 2021

    The “Think Green, Live Green” initiative has helped collect over 300 kilos of harmful waste from Al Jamail coastline, as part of latest efforts to clean beaches in Qatar, organisers Power International Holding (PIH) Group announced.

    Held in collaboration with the Beaches and Islands Department of the Ministry of Municipality, the latest activity aims to protect the environment and improve the coastal and marine life.

    [Elegancia]In recent years, the effects of water pollution have taken a significant toll on the ocean, which covers over 71% of the planet and is home to almost a million species.

    Recent statistics have shown that 88% of the sea’s surface is polluted by plastic waste. More than 1 million plastic bags end up in the trash every minute worldwide, significantly damaging marine life.

    Damage to coral reefs caused by global warming, overfishing and pollution could potentially cause a 30% decline in fish catch potential in Qatari waters by the end of the century, according to Research Assistant Professor at Qatar University Pedro Range.

    This is why over 70 members of UCC Holding, Elegancia Group, and Aura Group have come together to prevent marine damage, collecting around 320 bags of waste in one day.



    “Cleaning up beaches has a visible impact on preserving our environment. These kinds of activities highlight PIH’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in the community,” said PIH Group Warehouse Director Rawad Swid. 

    PIH’s initiative also coincides with the country’s Sustainability Week which aims to engage the local community in various efforts to adopt a greener lifestyle.

    “Think Green Live Green is an initiative that UCC has undertaken to educate citizens about caring for the environment. As a company, we always want to take effective measures to protect the environment for the future generations,” said Mohamed Sabri, UCC Holding Group CEO.

    Sustainability efforts have been the forefront of PIH’s social initiatives in recent years. In 2019, UCC’s Seashore cleaning campaign received a Green Angel Award for effective and valuable environmental contributions.

    The projects helped remove over 800 meters of accumulated waste from Qatar’s shores at the time. 

    The activity, organised by PIH under the slogan ‘Think Green, Live Green’ coincides with the national celebration of Sustainability Week in Qatar, held by the Qatar Green Building Council, which aims to engage the local community in sustainability initiatives.

    PIH’s corporate social responsibility has been constant throughout the years. Such initiatives include a partnership with the Ministry of Environment to monitor air quality in Qatar, a celebration of World Environment Day by planting trees and launching a social media campaign about sustainability.


    Do you know that Azraq is one of the leading NGOs in the UAE doing clean-ups of the seashores? Take a look at our exclusive interview with their activist here!

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