The Gulf Sustainability Award 2021: Engie, a group in low-carbon energy, has been honored

    27 Sep 2021

    Engie, a global reference group in low-carbon energy and energy-efficient solutions, has been honored with a Gold award in the ‘Environmental Sustainability Programme – Large enterprise” category.  

    The firm also won a Silver and Bronze award for the ‘Innovation in Sustainable Technologies – Large enterprise’ category at the Gulf Sustainability Award 2021, GD Online states.

    Held on September 20, 2021, at Jumeriah Creek Side Hotel in Dubai, Engie’s “Blue Carbon” project in partnership with the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Distant Imagery, was commended for its pioneering feat to restore the mangrove habitat in Abu Dhabi.  



    In addition, Engie Solutions’ Integrated Centre for Engineering & Environment (iCEE) platform also took center stage for its capability to support clients in assessing operational and energy savings of their facilities and assets.

    Carbon dioxide is sequestered three to four times faster by mangrove forests than other ecosystems on the planet. The coastline of Abu Dhabi is covered by mangroves, which play a vital role in storing blue carbon and offsetting carbon emissions.

    The Blue Carbon project was launched in 2020 by Engie and EAD to ensure the rehabilitation of the region’s natural biodiversity through impactful climate actions. Engie’s efforts are supported by its partner, Distant Imagery, specialists in engineering drone solutions based on blue carbon restoration expertise, who use their custom-built drones and innovative technology to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of planting mangrove seeds.  

    Similarly, to drive sustainable technology solutions across the business and support clients in their transition towards becoming carbon neutral, Engie Solutions set up an Operational Control Centre called The Integrated Centre for Engineering & Environment (iCEE). From there, Engie operates smart IoT platforms that include artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically identify energy and operational savings and detect issues before they happen.

    Florence Fontani, EVP Communications & Sustainability, Engie Africa Middle East & Asia, said: “Engie is committed to a carbon-neutral transition, and through natural-based solutions, we are actively contributing to the sustainable development goals. Blue carbon ecosystems also support local industries like fishing, tourism, and agriculture to flourish, that has the potential to contribute towards the UAE’s  carbon-neutrality and sustainability agenda. Projects such as the Blue Carbon project are fully aligned with Engie’s decarbonisation pathway as it uses scientific expertise to provide innovative solutions to offset CO2 emissions.”

    The Gulf Sustainability Award 2021 celebrates conscientious business practice within the region that are leading the way for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. It aims to inspire businesses to take the road towards sustainability and promote changes in that regard.

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