The best beaches to visit in Muscat, Oman

    02 Dec 2021

    Muscat is a perfect reflection of Oman’s mind-blowing attractions and beauty, which makes it an unmissable destination for those seeking a relaxing escape. That’s why, thanks to The Culture Trip, we have gathered the best beaches to visit in Muscat to enjoy its pure crystal turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches.


    Al Bustan Beach

    Al Bustan Beach is part of Al Bustan Palace, which is one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Muscat. It also has the longest private beach in the country. Between its green gardens and high-quality service, visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities like kayaking, snorkelling and sailing.


    Shatti Al Qurum

    Shatti Al Qurum, or Al Qurum Beach, is located on the northern coast. It is part of one of Muscat’s upscale residential areas, known as Muscat’s Diplomatic District. It is also close to some of Muscat’s most luxurious hotels, like the Grand Hyatt, as well as unique restaurants, cafes and the Royal Opera House.


    Qantab Beach

    Qantab Beach is located in the small village of Qantab, a few minutes away from Muscat on a small bay. What is special about this beach is the exceptional experience it provides visitors. They can enjoy unique Omani architecture, the beautiful craftsmanship of the local fishing boats, the pleasant atmosphere and the generous Omani hospitality and friendliness.


    Sifah Beach

    Sifah Beach is located near Jebel Sifah, which means Sifah Mountain, on the eastern coast of Muscat. The beach is distinguished by its white sands that have few rocky outcrops stretched over it. Visitors can enjoy several sea activities and barbecues on this lovely beach.


    Bandar Jissah

    Al Jissah Beach is part of the luxurious Al Jissah Resort & Spa hotel complex, that can be accessed by non-residents for a fee of 20 Omani Rials (GBP 36.65 / US $51.94). The beach is surrounded by amazing green spaces that are part of the hotel. It also offers several wellness and sports activities for visitors.


    Kalbuh Beach

    This beach is located near the Kalbuh Park in Muttrah. It is one of the best places to go swimming in Muscat. They even offer free swimming classes. With a great view of the park, the surrounding mountain and the turquoise waters, Kalbuh Beach is one of the must-visit beaches in Muscat.


    Yiti Beach

    Yiti Beach is one of the most mind-blowing natural hidden gems in Oman. This beach is the perfect spot for camping and picnicking. It is surrounded by rocky edges and mountains, which makes it a great place for isolation and relaxation.


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