The air temperature in Kuwait has reached a record 70° C in the sun – the local media

    12 Jul 2021

    Recently, the temperature in Kuwait has shown record levels: 53.3° C in the shade and 70° C in the sun.

    According to the local newspaper Al Rai, this summer in the country, thus, becomes the hottest in about 70 years.

    Due to the abnormal heat, the Kuwaiti authorities have urged people to replace the old air conditioners with new ones, as they seriously burden the power system. The leaders of several regions of Kuwait called on residents to consume electricity more economically.

    Badra al-Amira, a member of the Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Sciences, believes that due to severe climate change, summer temperatures in Kuwait could reach 60° C in the next 50 years. “Such high temperatures are due primarily to the proximity of Kuwait to the tropics of Cancer, where the sun is directly perpendicular to it. Another reason is the so-called seasonal Indian depression (tropical cyclone formed in the Indian Ocean, with winds of 14-17 m/s and above – Ecolife), which this year, in addition to Kuwait, will also be affected by Saudi Arabia and the southern regions of Iraq,” – the media quotes Badr al-Amir.

    Meanwhile, the Department of Meteorology at the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Kuwait said it did not confirm such high levels of abnormal heat, stopping at 53.5° C in the sun. But it assumed that car thermometers and other measuring instruments could indeed show from 65° C up to 70° C, TASS reports.

    According to the agency, moderate air temperature at night and high daytime temperatures in the country will remain until the day of the autumn equinox, i.e., on September 22. However, according to experts interviewed by the newspaper, “we can already say that the registered temperatures are the highest in the world at the moment.”

    In Kuwait, the man was arrested for complaints to TikTok because the heat

    Kuwaiti police have arrested a man who shared a video on TikTok with complaints of extreme heat and dust storms.

    The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry reported this, BBC reports.

    In a video that went viral on TikTok and Twitter, a man swears at a dust storm and heat while driving in a car on the road in Kuwait.

    Police arrested an Egyptian for posting an offensive video in which he was ranting about Kuwait’s bad weather and dust storms, complaining about the blinding sandstorm that has engulfed Kuwait for the past few days.

    The man has been referred for deportation for insulting Kuwait.

    The country’s Interior Ministry said that the man behind the “offensive” video would be “subject to trial.”

    Some social media users have shared their own videos complaining about the weather to support the man.

    Weather in Kuwait

    Deserts dominate the country’s landscape.

    In 2021, weather forecasters in Kuwait recorded one of the highest temperatures in the world. Daytime heat in the country reaches 50° C.

    Mainly in the summer months, the air temperature warms up to +37° C in the shade, reaching +47° C in the sun. In winter, the country is also warm and sunny.

    In recent weeks, record heat has been recorded in various countries around the world. In Canada, for example, high temperatures have burned down an entire village and killed more than 1 billion mollusks and fish off the Pacific coast.

    In California, the abnormal heat caused large-scale fires, which had to evacuate nearly 3,000 people.

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