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    French zoo closed temporarily after pack of nine wolves escape

    A French zoo has been temporarily shut down by local authorities after a pack of nine wolves escaped from their enclosure during visiting hours, BBC reports. No people were injured during incident last weekend at Trois Vallées zoo in Montredon-Labessonnie, southern France. The animals destroyed safety hatches and climbed a fence, but never went outside […]

    The Environment Authority of Oman suspended import permits for wild species

    Exotic pets could be harmful to the Sultanate of Oman’s ecosystem and accordingly Environment Authority has taken a stern action. The Environment Authority has suspended granting of permits to import wild reptiles and insects to the country, Oman Observer reports. For now, permits will be given for import of wild reptiles and insects for scientific […]

    Endangered bears leave Lebanon for a better life in US animal sanctuary

    Two endangered bears living in poor conditions in a Lebanon zoo have been flown to an animal sanctuary in the US after losing weight and suffered from other health issues, Arab News reports. The Syrian brown bear lived in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, but the species became extinct due to illegal and non-organized hunting […]

    Britain will ban keeping elephants in zoos

    The British government plans to ban the keeping of elephants in zoos and safari parks in accordance with the expansion of the law on keeping animals, which MPs are to pass this year, The Daily Mail reports. The ban, initiated by Environment Minister Zach Goldsmith, is reflected in a report on the welfare of elephants […]

    Should we, humanity, keep dolphins in “cans”?

    Dolphinariums and zoos – what should we do with them in near future? Animal protection and conservation organizations have been asking themselves this question for decades. Let’s try to make it clear on the example of dolphins. Dolphins are wild animals that are accustomed to living in the open sea, hunting for live fish (in […]

    Al Ain Zoo announces offers covering over 60 government, private organizations

    Al Ain Zoo has announced on June, 17 the launch of offers to benefit the staff of more than 60 government organizations and private companies, including special discounts and offers on zoo entry tickets, Al Ain Safari, as well as Ahlan Special Service, WAM reports. Mubarak Humaid Al Mansouri, Manager of Commercial Operations at Al […]