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    Syria war turned coast into ‘pollution flashpoint’ – NGO report
    23 Dec 2021

    Pollution stemming from the conflict in Syria is posing ‘acute health risks for civilians’, Middle East Eye reports. Leaks from moored tankers, underwater pipelines and wastewater systems have turned the Syrian coast into a major “conflict-linked pollution flashpoint”, said a report released on Tuesday. The study by PAX, a Dutch peace-building organization, analyzed public and […]

    On the campaign trail, Iraq’s would-be lawmakers ignore the climate crisis
    17 Oct 2021

    Election campaigns and slogans have filled social media, the airways, and the streets of Iraq for the past month. Candidates vying for votes are promising citizens a better future, but these prospective lawmakers have failed to address one of the biggest issues facing Iraq – the climate crisis, Rudaw states. “This concerns me greatly,” Rosetta […]

    Iraqi Kurdistan Region reorganizes water distribution to reduce excessive water use

    The Kurdistan Region’s Water Directorate says it will not reduce water supplies but will reorganize distribution to decrease the overuse of water as the region suffers from a water crisis, the department said in May. According to international standards, “each person needs 200 to 250 liters of water, but what we’re supplying daily is between […]