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    Luxembourg has developed a handbook for creating sustainable and ecological areas

    In Luxembourg, a new instruction “Ecourbanism” was presented – a tool that will help the public and private sectors to work on creating an environmentally friendly urban environment and improve the quality of life of residents. The instruction should be used by representatives of local authorities and private companies that are building cities. The document […]

    Water scarcity can lead to population migration in the Middle East

    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region gets special attention when discussing the global water scarcity situation or migration crisis worldwide. However, there is a very sporadic attempt at analyzing the link between these two phenomena in the context of the MENA region. MENA region is undoubtedly the most water-scarce globally, and the region […]

    Saudi Arabia’s SR75b Jeddah Central Project masterplan launched in Kingdom’s next big push

    Another landmark project hits Jeddah. The Jeddah Central will generate an additional SR47 billion in economic activity by 2030. The SR75 billion Jeddah Central Project’s masterplan has been approved, which will see the development of 75 million square metres of land overlooking the Red Sea. The project will be backed by Saudi wealth fund PIF […]

    Kuwait’s Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion plots a course to a more sustainable future

    Since their inception in the mid-19th century, World Expos have provided countries of all sizes and degrees of wealth with a rare opportunity to curate their own national narrative, and tailor their preferred image – past, present and future – before a global audience, Arab News states. Specific elements of a nation’s heritage, culture and […]

    Saudi Arabia showcases NEOM in its first roadshow in London

    Saudi Arabia’s smart city NEOM has hosted its first UK roadshow event in London to promote investment opportunities, Arab News reports. It was attended by over 250 leaders from the country’s business, financial, environmental and political circles. Launched by Saudi’s ambassador to the UK, the Discover NEOM event included presentations, panels and an exhibition of […]

    Now there is a food market. How old factories turned into modern urban spaces: the experience of New York and Copenhagen

    Clusters are urban spaces where very different venues coexist, from creative associations to cozy coffee houses and local stores. Sooner or later, they appear in all major cities. Often – through the efforts of local activists and developers, less often – being the projects of the city authorities. Clusters turn into places of attraction for […]

    The environmental reforms in Paris: city plans to make the Seine suitable for swimming

    Paris plans to make the Seine river suitable for swimming by 2024 through the construction of a huge reservoir, according to Bloomberg CityLab. The city now has a 19th-century sewer system that combines rainwater and sewage. Therefore, during heavy rains (which are becoming more frequent due to climate change), a mixture of rainwater and products […]

    Elon Musk believes that the theory of “wider roads encourage more car use” is a fabrication. Is that really so?

    Urbanists describe the theory of induced demand metaphorically: “Building roads to prevent congestion is like unraveling the belt after overeating so as not to be fat.” Elon Musk in 2019 had made another controversial claim on Twitter, calling induced demand “one of the most irrational theories.” This is a theory that the expansion and construction […]

    A “smart” city is not so smart: how nature became a political problem and what the “cyborg cities” will be like

    The idea of ​​smart digital cities has already captured the imagination of our contemporaries. However, although this clear image is attractive, there are factors that the smart city model does not take into account: it is living life that not only does not leave the city but also takes on new, hitherto non-existent forms. Thankfully […]

    Five off-shore cities are on the way. Bahrain launches $30 billion offshore cities plan

    According to the Bahrain News Agency, Bahrain has launched a new strategic project plan to invest $30 billion in over 20 new projects, with the construction of five new offshore cities. The strategic project plan will see infrastructure development, including a new causeway connecting Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, Bolnews reports. Bahrain will also establish a […]