Never throw masks away

    It is a common sight these days to see masks and gloves littered in the parking lots, on the roads, grounds, sidewalks, beaches, and parks. Masks are the first line of defense against ongoing pandemic but when it comes to its safe disposal, we are least bothered. Let’s read the article written for Oman Observer […]

    UNEP launched a virtual journey through three unique desert ecosystems

    Deserts and drylands are often far from the barren images they are known for. These ecosystems play a vital role in climate regulation – nearly 46% of global carbon is stored in drylands. Despite the harsh conditions, they are home to over 2 billion people and harbor some of the world’s rarest biodiversity. Many deserts […]

    Higher Education Council Secretary-General from Bahrain invited to attend UNEP conference

    Secretary-General of the Higher Education Council (HEC) and Deputy Chairperson of its Board of Trustees, Dr. Shaikha Rana bint Isa bin Duaij Al Khalifa, today received Regional Director and Representative of the United Nations Environment Program for West Asia (UNEP), Sami Dimassi, and Regional Coordinator, Science West Asia Office, Abdelmenam Mohamed, BNA reports. During the […]

    The end of the Garden of Eden? Iraq’s UNESCO marshes are threatened by raw sewage and pollution

    More than 70%of Iraq’s industrial waste is dumped directly into rivers or the sea, AFP reports. UN classifies Iraq ‘as the fifth most vulnerable country in the world’ to climate change. A sewage pipe crosses Iraqi marshland in the southern district of Chibayish. In a country where the state cannot guarantee basic services, 70% of […]