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    Iraq and Syria: More than 12 million people threatened by drought in 2021, warn aid groups

    A water crisis and droughts are risking the lives of more than 12 million people across Iraq and Syria, aid groups warned in August. NGOs warned of ‘catastrophe’ as low levels of rainfall threaten drinking water, irrigation and electricity production in summer, 2021. In a joint statement, 13 aid groups said there was a risk […]

    Syria war turned coast into ‘pollution flashpoint’ – NGO report
    23 Dec 2021

    Pollution stemming from the conflict in Syria is posing ‘acute health risks for civilians’, Middle East Eye reports. Leaks from moored tankers, underwater pipelines and wastewater systems have turned the Syrian coast into a major “conflict-linked pollution flashpoint”, said a report released on Tuesday. The study by PAX, a Dutch peace-building organization, analyzed public and […]

    Camels weep as their young perish in Syria’s killer drought
    19 Dec 2021

    Camels are a miserable canary in the coal mine of Syria, which is experiencing its worst drought in 70 years, Al-Monitor states. Let’s get to know about the tough situation in the war-torn country. *** A baby camel moans in anguish as it sits in a muddy manger, its forelegs folded under its emaciated frame. […]

    Environment a Victim of War in Iraq, Syria

    The war in Syria has been ferocious and deadly. In 2016, the death toll was estimated at 400,000. In Iraq, the fight against the Islamic State (IS) has destroyed cities and displaced around 3.3 million people. Yet beyond the immediate consequences of these conflicts, the environmental degradation in both countries could have a far-reaching impact. […]

    Syrian oil spill moving towards Cyprus appears to dissolve partially

    Following a spill in Syria, a large oil slick that had been working its way across the Mediterranean towards Cyprus appears to have partially dissolved. However, its next move will depend on currents, The Guardian reports. The spill likened in size to New York City had threatened the island’s Karpas peninsula, a strip of pristine […]

    Water crisis threatens 12 million Iraqis, Syrians: aid agencies

    Aid agencies working in Iraq and Syria on Monday issued a dire warning that more than 12 million people in both countries are losing access to water, food, and electricity because of a severe water crisis, Rudaw states. “The total collapse of water and food production for millions of Syrians and Iraqis is imminent,” said […]

    A delegation from the Turkish water ministry to visit Iraq soon

    A delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Water resources is set to visit Iraq soon, the Turkish Consul General to Mosul told Iraqi state media on July 17 after Iraq and Syria signed an agreement on water resources, Rudaw reports. “A delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Water Resources will soon visit Iraq to study […]