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    Global supply chains buckle as COVID-19 variants and disasters strike

    A new worldwide wave of COVID-19; natural disasters in China and Germany; a cyberattack targeting key South African ports. All those events have conspired to drive global supply chains towards breaking point. According to companies, economists, and shipping specialists, Reuters states they’re threatening the fragile flow of raw materials, parts, and consumer goods. The Delta […]

    Opinion: What’s the difference between the coronavirus crisis and the degrowth perspective?

    Will the planet be saved by the “anti-growth” of the world economy? We’ve started this discussion from the arguments of “pro-growth” authors. But we’ve got opposite thoughts: there are plenty of opinions justifying the concept of degrowth. Let’s check the Degrowth.info editorial team article. Degrowth advocates for a general slowdown and large emissions reductions, minus […]