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    New Year without garbage: how to celebrate the main holiday without harming nature?

    The New Year and Christmas holidays are perhaps the most waste-generating period of the year. Shops, shop windows, streets, offices, entrances and, of course, apartments are decorated… maybe, too much decorated by the unnecessary things? Let’s make it clear, reading the Sher.media article.   What’s wrong with the New Year? Of course, the celebration as […]

    Italian pavilion at “Expo-2020” constructed from boat cases, plastic bottles, and coffee grounds

    Let’s get to know about the Italian pavilion at “Expo-2020” which resembles the very idea of recycling. The building has no walls in their traditional sense. This function is performed by marine ropes made of recycled plastic, which were used for 2 million bottles. The pavilion paths are sprinkled with crumbs made from coffee grounds […]

    Should we burn what cannot be recycled? Part II

    In a previous publication, we’ve borrowed a few facts from O-Zero posts about how incinerators work and what the consequences of their activities are. Let’s continue. A simple and affordable “burn everything” service creates a market for new plants, doesn’t reduce waste and contributes to global warming. Actually, incineration is the only option for disposing […]

    Should we burn items that cannot be recycled?

    The culture of waste management is developing rapidly. Until the 2000s, we hardly knew about the importance of sorting, nor about the separate disposal of hazardous waste, nor about incineration. And although incineration as a method of waste disposal appeared a long time ago (the first factories in New York were established in 1895), only […]

    Let’s talk about plastic

    Invisible plastic is a significant part of the millions of tons of plastic that end up in landfills and oceans every year. Therefore, nowadays we should constantly ask ourselves the question “is there plastic in this?”. Burners Cigarette filters are one of the most common types of waste in the world. During the cleaning of […]