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    COP26, Day 7: “What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!”
    08 Nov 2021

    One hundred thousand participants gathered in the climate march in Glasgow at COP26, BBC states. Saturday at the climate summit was dedicated to agriculture and conscious land use. Industrial agricultural production is one of the primary sources of CO2 emissions on the planet, with 1/3 of all manufactured products we simply throw away, WWF states. […]

    How the Tehran regime’s ideology ran dry

    Protests in Khuzestan Province have rocked the Iranian regime in summer and have now spread to the capital Tehran. The protests highlight a structural deficiency in the country. The water problems in Khuzestan reveal the inequality between regions, as well as the inability of the system to provide a decent living for its people. Dr. […]

    Iraqi Sulaimani protests pollution, lack of drinking water

    Residents in Sulaimani province’s Tanjero area blocked roads on Sunday in protest of the lack of clean drinking water and essential services, Rudaw reports. “We don’t have water, we’re all parched. I have been in Tanjero for five years, it doesn’t have water, we buy water,” Nahida Mohammed, a protester, told Rudaw on Sunday. “Our […]