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    How the Tehran regime’s ideology ran dry

    Protests in Khuzestan Province have rocked the Iranian regime in summer and have now spread to the capital Tehran. The protests highlight a structural deficiency in the country. The water problems in Khuzestan reveal the inequality between regions, as well as the inability of the system to provide a decent living for its people. Dr. […]

    FAQ: What is the European Green Deal

    Of course, you know who Greta Thunberg is? Have you heard about her main creation – so called Fridays For Future strikes? Even more – do you know that a movement established by a small girl in 2019 started to influence EU politics? Let’s check it, thankfully to Ecoaction NGO explanation. In 2019, during the […]

    Wildebeest, bustards and bongos: Kenya begins first national census of wildlife

    Planes, helicopters, boats, and 4x4s are being deployed, hundreds of camera traps and satellite collars monitored, and an array of dung studied across Kenya, as the country embarks on its first national census of wildlife, The Guardian reports. Count aims to provide crucial conservation data on animals including pangolins, turtles, and antelope. The census, covering […]