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    Al Daayen Park: A place that pays homage to Qatar’s heritage, caravans, and herdsmen
    16 Nov 2021

    Al Daayen Park’s design draws inspiration from the Arabic word Al-Daayen, which implies camel beauty and the resting place of caravans, said Maryam Al Kuwari, project design manager at the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar. Decades ago, Al-Daayen had been a resting spot for caravans coming from the north […]

    Seven Best Parks in Qatar
    20 Sep 2021

    Qatar maintains some lush, green parks despite the Gulf state’s hot climate. These open spaces have jogging trails for those looking for a place to keep active, while some keep kids entertained with pretty features and playgrounds. If you prefer a leisurely activity, unwind with a cup of coffee at a parkside café. We’ve found […]

    Dubai forms teams of UAE nationals to lead the transformation of public parks

    The first impressions of what Dubai’s redesigned public parks could look like will be showcased by the end of September, officials said here on Sunday. The update came during a gathering at Dubai Media Office of 30 Emirati creative talents entrusted with submitting proposals and designs to redevelop ten public parks, Gulf news states. The […]

    FAQ: Why do cities need green zones, and Gulf needs mangroves and wetlands

    Western governments are so concerned about city parks conservation that they bring it into international law. This is not surprising: we’ve already written why parks save the inhabitants of cities around the world millions of dollars every year. You may check the explanation of what ecosystem services are here. There is Green Cities Declaration, signed […]