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    Talabat to introduce 100% plant-based packaging in Qatar

    The move comes as part of the food delivery platform’s Sustainable Packaging Program to reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint, Doha News reports. Online food delivery platform Talabat has announced the launch of its Sustainable Packaging Program that aims to reduce plastic waste as well as carbon footprint across the region, starting with operations in […]

    Plastic contamination “exceeded all limits.” Ideas on how to solve the problem from Spain and the UK

    In a few years, Spain will abandon non-organic packaging for fruits and vegetables. By 2030, the country plans to switch to packaging that is suitable for recycling completely. In 2023, Spanish supermarkets will ban the sale of fruits and vegetables in plastic packaging, reported the Ministry of Environmental Transformation of Spain, The Local writes. The […]

    Teabags and environment: why are they a problem and what you can do

    A tea bag is part of the daily reality of millions of people. Bay, wait for 1 minute, and everything is done. But how safe is it to use? What material is it made of? What kind of paper does not soak in water? It turns out that there can be a lot of questions […]

    Capsharing and returnable packaging: how to make food delivery sustainable

    Ordering food delivery? Surely you have heaps of disposable tableware accumulating. As a rule, the materials from which it is made are not really recycled and are sent either for incineration or to a landfill. It is clear that asking citizens to give up convenient food and drink delivery and takeaway for the sake of […]

    In the reduce-reuse-recycle pyramid, reduction comes first

    In previous articles, we paid attention to the experience of various countries regarding waste recycling. In this digest, we will focus on Germany. And also – let’s read the opinion of an expert from the Post-Soviet country who advises refraining from consuming things that will inevitably become trash. In other words, we recall the well-known […]