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    SABIC, Microsoft manufacture first recycled electronic product in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) has launched a collaboration with Microsoft to manufacture the first consumer electronic product. This collaboration has resulted in manufacturing the first computer mouse with an exterior shell containing 20% recycled ocean plastic. And they named it “The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse,” Saudi Gazette states. SABIC has a strategic vision for […]

    The world’s first-ever “plastic fishing” tournament was held in Mexico

    In the Mexican city of Mazatlan, the world’s first “plastic fishing” tournament was held: its participants had to catch as much plastic waste from the ocean as possible. The competition was organized by the beer producer Corona and the creative agency We Believers. The tournament lasted one day, 80 fishermen took part in it. The […]

    In 80 years, up to 95% of the ocean surface may become uninhabitable, scientists say
    31 Aug 2021

    A team of scientists from the American Northwestern University found in a study that global climate change by 2100 will irreversibly change up to 95% of the world’s oceans, making them uninhabitable. They stated it in a scientific article on the Nature portal. The climate of the ocean surface has a characteristic temperature, acidity, and […]

    Rescued turtles released back into Abu Dhabi waters

    Community unites to help the critically endangered hawksbill turtle – the only species in the Gulf that nests in Abu Dhabi. A group of rehabilitated turtles has been released into Abu Dhabi waters in the Al Dhafra region thanks to a partnership between the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Nawah Energy Company, the […]

    “Plastisphere” ecosystem evolving at sea and “garbage islands”

    There’s a monument to human carelessness in the sea – Great Pacific Garbage Patch  (also Pacific trash vortex); this is the largest and most well-known cluster of floating debris drifting between California and Hawaii. According to a study by Lauren Lebreton and his colleagues from the Ocean Cleanup Foundation in 2018, the area of ​​this […]

    Gulf Stream loss of stability: Scientists spot warning signs
    08 Aug 2021

    Gulf Stream and other Atlantic currents are losing stability, the consequences can be catastrophic. The system of currents in the Atlantic Ocean has shown an almost complete loss of stability over the past 100 years, which threatens with serious consequences for the Earth’s climate, The Guardian reports, citing a study published in the journal Nature […]

    Top 16 of Best Environmental Films of recent years

    Environmental issues have proved themselves to be an increasingly hot subject in film and television. With access to a wide range of environmentally-themed documentaries or movies, it might be overwhelming searching for entertaining yet educational content. From old to new, let’s get to know what are 16 of the best environmental films of 2020, according […]

    Single-Use Plastics: sleepwalking into an environmental catastrophe

    In June 2020 the Environment Society of Oman organized a virtual lecture entitled, “Plastic is Not Fantastic”. It was presented by Fahim Firfiray, a Leadership Trainer at PDO who is passionate about this issue and part of a team in PDO raising awareness. He spoke about how the world is sleepwalking into an environmental catastrophe […]

    How people save the ocean worldwide

    The sponge that collects oil; the cleaning robots at the bottom of the seas; and the “eighth continent” – let’s get to know how humanity saves the ocean and how each of us can help. Thanks to Rubryka for a thoughtful review. It has been proven that even one day on the coast can recharge […]

    See the ecological crisis: 10 works of art about how our planet collapses

    Scientists warn about the climate and ecological crisis on the planet, activists shout, and the media are intimidated. Environmental problems, which threaten the lives of animals and plants and all humankind, affect, frighten, and disturb more and more. But scientific data is sometimes too complex and abstract to understand, and activists’ warnings are too disturbing […]