Tag: nature-based solutions

    Why Kuwait is one of the hottest places on earth
    17 Jul 2021

    Just in the past two weeks, Kuwait recorded the highest temperatures in the world. On Friday, the temperature in the northern city of Al Jahra touched 53.5°C. Similarly, two weeks ago Nuwaiseeb, south of Kuwait City on the border with Saudi Arabia, recorded the highest temperature in the world for 2021, with a record 53.2°C. […]

    How nature saves us from climate change
    22 Jun 2021

    Climate change causes or exacerbates various natural disasters: droughts, floods, fires. They threaten our lives, our health, our homes, and cause great economic damage to the entire country. It may seem that nature is trying to take revenge on us, but in reality, it can be a great helper in the fight against climate change. […]