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    Due to microplastics, people become resistant to antibiotics – research

    Researchers at the George Brown School of Engineering at Rice University in the United States say that microplastics in the environment are a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Eurekalert states. A study in the Journal of Hazardous Materials describes how the ultraviolet aging of microplastics in the environment make them apt platforms for antibiotic-resistant genes […]

    Middle East hospitality project pushes the boundaries of sustainable construction

    From forest fires and landslides to desertification and flooding, the effects of climate change increasingly are manifesting in all manner of destructive ways, laying waste to animal and plant habitats and vulnerable rural communities. But urban areas are not immune to the risks either, and, as such, they too are being forced to adapt. The […]

    Egypt’s fishermen exchange the Nile’s plastic waste for cash

    Cairo’s fishermen, who have seen their daily catch dwindle because of heavy plastic pollution in the Nile, are now helping to clean up the river in a government-backed project that also helps to boost their income. Fishermen use their boats and river knowledge to help collect tonnes of plastic waste choking Egypt’s lifeline, the National […]

    “Worst Marine Ecological Disaster”: explosion of the X-Press Pearl in Sri Lanka

    A cargo ship carrying chemicals caught fire and began to sink off the coast of Sri Lanka. As a result, microplastics and toxic chemicals have entered the Indian Ocean and the country’s beaches, NDTV reports. The container ship MV X-Press Pearl, registered in Singapore, carried several hundred tons of oil, 25 tons of nitric acid, […]