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    Turkey and neighbours pledge to clean up Mediterranean

    Turkey and its neighbours pledged Friday to do a better job addressing the threats posed by pollution to people’s health and the natural habitats of the Mediterranean Sea, Rudaw reports. From plastic waste to slimy mucilage forming on their coasts, the ring of tourism-dependant Mediterranean countries have battled a steady stream of environmental problems, raising […]

    Greece feels the pain of olive oil crisis
    19 Dec 2021

    Months before the harvest began in November, Greek olive oil farmer Michalis Antonopoulos knew it would not be a good year. First, his trees did not fully blossom because last winter was not cold and wet enough. In the spring, temperatures soared to 38 degrees celsius, damaging the flowers that were to grow into olives. […]

    Syrian oil spill moving towards Cyprus appears to dissolve partially

    Following a spill in Syria, a large oil slick that had been working its way across the Mediterranean towards Cyprus appears to have partially dissolved. However, its next move will depend on currents, The Guardian reports. The spill likened in size to New York City had threatened the island’s Karpas peninsula, a strip of pristine […]