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    “Cooked alive.” Billions of mollusks and fish have died in Canada due to the abnormal heat
    13 Jul 2021

    Canadian experts have stated that ecosystems are vulnerable to abnormal heat in Canada. More than a billion mollusks and fish have died along the Pacific coast, The Guardian reports. The death of marine life can temporarily affect water quality, because they are the ones who act in nature as paramedics. Due to fifteen days of […]

    The Persian Gulf set to lose 12% of marine biodiversity in 2100 due to climate Woes

    Climate change may bring more bad news to the Persian Gulf, as the last few years’ numbers state that current projections look at a loss of 12 % of the region’s total marine biodiversity if no measures are taken against the ecological threat. This may seem a challenging endeavor given the political, social, and cultural […]