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    Air quality improved slightly in 2020 during lockdowns, U.N. agency says

    Key air pollutants temporarily plunged by unprecedented levels during coronavirus lockdowns last year, with fine particle pollution falling by more than a third across parts of Asia, a U.N. agency said on September 3. Particulate matter (PM 2.5) fell by up to 40% across Africa, South America, and Southern Asia and by smaller amounts in […]

    COVID-19: Kuwait allows camping after one-year hiatus. Camping season to start in mid-Nov till March
    02 Sep 2021

    Kuwaiti authorities have said that winter camping, a popular tradition in the country, will be allowed again, a year after it was suspended due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Camping in outdoor areas will be allowed as of November 15 until mid-March, according to a Kuwaiti official, Gulf News reports. “There is still time to […]

    How the pandemic changed our hygiene habits

    The Guardian published an article about the changes in British habits caused by the lockdown. It’s about personal hygiene, namely that people have less time and money to take care of themselves. This saw the benefits for the environment: ·                      “a daily shower or bath […]

    Streets without cars turned out to be more profitable for business (research)

    Pedestrianization of the streets stimulates the attendance of food establishments located on this streets. This conclusion was reached by analysts of the American platform for finding Yelp services, according to Bloomberg CityLab. During the coronavirus pandemic, many cities began to block some streets from car traffic. Such streets are called “open”, “slow”, “healthy”, “safe” and […]