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    Beef: what’s the most environmentally responsible choice?

    We continue our review of opinions about cultivated (cellular) meat. We’ve found a remarkable opinion on this issue written in 2019 by Dr. Jonathan Foley (his Twitter is @GlobalEcoGuy). He’s a climate & environmental scientist, writer, and speaker. He’s also the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for climate solutions.   *** […]

    Meat from a test tube: the beginning of the end of the era of livestock?

    We’ve found for you a few facts about cultivated (cellular) meat. Also there are additional opnion by eco-activist Olexiy Burkovsky about the future of livestock connected with this remarkable invention. *** Do not be surprised by quotes and direct speech of scientists, marketers and other professionals, because the format of this article was just a […]