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    What to read: The Spirit of Green by William D. Nordhaus

    Solving the world’s biggest problems – from climate catastrophe and pandemics to wildfires and corporate malfeasance – requires, more than anything else, coming up with new ways to manage the powerful interactions that surround us. For carbon emissions and other environmental damage, this means ensuring that those responsible pay their full costs rather than continuing […]

    Anatomy of a cli-fi – books about how nature will take revenge on humanity

    We’ve found for you an excellent review of “climate science fiction” written by Knife. Parasitizing on the paranoia of contemporaries is one of the methods of science fiction. The 1950s, when nuclear war was a new and unthinkable threat to life on the planet, can serve as a textbook example. The B film industry has […]

    Philip Dick’s legacy: will you have compassion for the last animals on Earth?

    In recent times, there is hardly a person who has not heard of the Hollywood franchise “Blade Runner”. Also in the old days thundered the dilogy “Total Recall” and the lesser-known action movie in two parts “Screamers”, as well as the films “Minority Report” and the series “The Man in the High Castle”. All these […]

    The last hunt

    This masterpiece of “hard” science fiction was written in the 70s by the Norwegian writer Gvar Nielsen. Let’s read the story about the deadly poaching of the possible future. *** On the third day of continuous searches, a dot appeared on the screen of the head machine’s locator aimed at the gloomy sky. The computer […]

    “The world after us” book review: how billionaires are putting the planet on the brink of ecological disaster

    Let’s take a look at the book by economist Maya Göpel “The world after us: How to prevent the planet from perishing.” (In German: Unsere Welt neu denken). In her work, the scientist deals with the main aspects of the “global environmental and social crisis” of the early 21st century: overconsumption, the gap between the […]

    IFHC and the Emirates Schools Establishment published a book to celebrate the work of UAE young conservationists

    The International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) and the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) announced the 2021 Young Conservationist Authors competition winners. The work of the fifteen winning teams of students from schools across the UAE has been published in a book, “Stories from our Environment,” unveiled at the Abu Dhabi Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX). […]

    Top 4 fiction books on mutations, bioethics and environmental crisis

    Do you want to be impressed by environmental issues? But eco-activists can be distrustful and lectures by scientists can be boring. It doesn’t matter, thankfully to Knife we’ve collected four of the best novels inspired by environmental issues: from fantastic mutations and novels about bioethics to semi-documentary studies of fifteen hundred pages and manifestos of […]

    Useful to read: the “25 Years of Preserving Sheikh Zayed’s Environmental Legacy” Book

    H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ruler’s Representative in the Al Dhafra Region, and Chairman of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, EAD, had launched in Summer, 2020 a book titled ” 25 Years of Preserving Sheikh Zayed’s Environmental Legacy”. Why might this be interesting for the eco-friendly readers? The book documents the […]