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    Power returns to Lebanon after a 24-hour blackout
    11 Oct 2021

    Power has been restored in Lebanon, officials say, after a 24-hour shutdown of the country’s energy supply, BBC reports. The energy ministry says the central bank has granted it $100 m of credit to buy fuel and keep its power stations operating. The power grid shut down on October 9, and officials said it was […]

    Fuel tanker exploded in Lebanon, killing at least 28

    At least 28 people were killed and 79 injured when a fuel tank exploded in Akkar in northern Lebanon, the health ministry said to Al Jazeera. Sources tell Reuters the explosion took place as the Lebanese army was distributing gasoline from a confiscated fuel tanker. The explosion occurred early on August 15 morning. Caretaker Health […]

    A year on from the Beirut explosion: victims still ask questions

    When his workplace blew to pieces, dockworker Yusuf Shehadi was waiting to hear back from colleagues who had scrambled to help firefighters extinguish a blaze in the port of Beirut. The fire was terrible and getting worse, they told him in their last conversation before a giant explosion killed them, and 210 others, a year […]

    The Middle East fights wildfires: Turkey and Lebanon fight blazes as deaths reported
    02 Aug 2021

    At least four people have died as soaring summer heat sparks off wildfires across the Middle East. Wildfires have wreaked havoc across Turkey and Lebanon as record summer temperatures continue to batter the region, Middle East Eye reports. At least three people are known to have died in Turkey due to fires in the country’s […]

    Endangered bears leave Lebanon for a better life in US animal sanctuary

    Two endangered bears living in poor conditions in a Lebanon zoo have been flown to an animal sanctuary in the US after losing weight and suffered from other health issues, Arab News reports. The Syrian brown bear lived in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, but the species became extinct due to illegal and non-organized hunting […]

    “There was an emergency in fashion”. Founder of Arab label Emergency Room says of fashion’s sustainability crisis

    Sustainability has become a buzzword in the fashion industry recently. Due to the environmental impact of fast fashion, labels across the world — and in the Middle East — are trying their best to be more sustainable by using eco-friendly fabrics and cutting their number of collections they release per year. However, Lebanese designer Erique […]