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    Elon Musk believes that the theory of “wider roads encourage more car use” is a fabrication. Is that really so?

    Urbanists describe the theory of induced demand metaphorically: “Building roads to prevent congestion is like unraveling the belt after overeating so as not to be fat.” Elon Musk in 2019 had made another controversial claim on Twitter, calling induced demand “one of the most irrational theories.” This is a theory that the expansion and construction […]

    UAE students tasked to design Future of Transportation

    Teams of undergraduates in the UAE have been thrown the challenge to come up with new ideas to develop the country’s transportation infrastructure of the future.  University teams from across the UAE will conceptualize hyperloop portals, plan optimum routes and design associated infrastructure to connect the ports of Jebel Ali, Dubai and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, […]

    Why Kuwait is one of the hottest places on earth
    17 Jul 2021

    Just in the past two weeks, Kuwait recorded the highest temperatures in the world. On Friday, the temperature in the northern city of Al Jahra touched 53.5°C. Similarly, two weeks ago Nuwaiseeb, south of Kuwait City on the border with Saudi Arabia, recorded the highest temperature in the world for 2021, with a record 53.2°C. […]