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    Razan Al Mubarak: indigenous people and youth must be empowered to protect biodiversity

    Indigenous communities and young people must be empowered in order to protect the world’s biodiversity, says Razan Al Mubarak, the president of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. While many threats to biodiversity are global – for instance, climate change and wildlife trafficking – Ms. Mubarak said many were local, highlighting the importance of […]

    ‘We are fearful’: indigenous Mexicans dread new military buildup on ancestral land

    As the Tzeltal people resist huge infrastructure projects across Chiapas state, the new national guard barracks springing up are alarming many, The Guardian reports. Let’s get to know what happens in the Mexico state. *** Micaela* always stops to kiss a cross at the base of three hills, a lush swath of land in the […]

    Let’s change our “industrial” lifestyle: Bolivian Indians’ brain atrophies 70% slower than other people

    In Bolivia, on the periphery of the Amazon jungle, the Tsimane tribe lives in isolation. They get old differently from other people. In 2017, scientists found they have the healthiest hearts in the world. Researchers have now learned that Tsimane’s brain volume decreases much more slowly with age than that of Americans or Europeans. The […]

    “Avatar”: An old fairy tale in a new world

    A moment later I emerged entirely from the cloud bank, but though I searched in all directions, I saw nothing but foliage, above, around, below me, yet I could see far down into that abyss of leaves. In the soft light I could not determine the color of the foliage, but I was sure that […]