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    Solar aggression. How heat kills people and the world economy
    27 Jul 2021

    How much will global warming cost the world? Droughts, forest fires, drying of rivers are the effects of heat, which are increasingly observed on an increasingly threatening scale worldwide. However, abnormally high temperatures affect not only nature but also humanity and the economy. Let’s check the Chas News story about how many lives the heat […]

    At 53.5°C, Kuwaiti city becomes the hottest place on Earth
    08 Jul 2021

    Rabat-Al-Jahra, a Northern Kuwaiti City, has recorded temperatures of 53.5°C today, Gulf News reported on July 5. This continues the global trend of heatwaves in the summer of 2021. This makes Kuwait the hottest place on earth in 2021, surpassing the temperatures reached by its neighbors, such as Iraq and Iran, at 51°C. The Northern […]

    FAQ: A brief guide to climate change
    10 Jun 2021

    The climate is often compared to the weather, but there’s a difference between them. The weather changes every day – sometimes it rains, sometimes there’s heat or frost. And the climate is the nature of weather conditions over a long period for a large area. Throughout the history of the Earth, the climate has changed […]

    Business-as-usual leads to disaster. In 20 years, temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa will rise to 56° C
    12 May 2021

    In the summer months, temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa will rise to an ultra-extreme 56°C due to global warming. Business-as-usual will lead to super and ultra-extreme heatwaves in the region. This is stated in a study by the Center for Climate and Atmospheric Research (CARE-C) of the Cyprus Institute and the Max […]