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    We remember 2021 because of the Middle East heatwave: temperatures top 50° C in several countries
    22 Dec 2021

    Oman, Iran, Kuwait and the UAE were all affected in summer 2021, as extreme temperatures were recorded across the region. Let’s call to memory how it was, thanks to Middle East Eye. Four countries in the Middle East saw temperatures surpass 50° C amid a continuing pattern of record-breaking heat for the time of year. […]

    Climate change may make the Middle East and North Africa uninhabitable
    03 Oct 2021

    Rising sea levels, increasingly severe storms, and deadly heat waves may imperil the region in coming decades, scientists and studies say, Middle East Eye warns. Let’s get to know more on this issue.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Middle East gets hot in the summer, but scientists and studies warn […]

    The climate crisis in Athens is exacerbated by urban planning mistakes
    25 Aug 2021

    This summer, Greece experienced a record heatwave when temperatures in Athens reached 44 degrees Celsius. Urban planning mistakes exacerbated the climate crisis in Athens and suffered from large-scale forest fires. Concrete rivers, chaotic buildings, and a love of cars prevent the city from resisting climate change, the New York Times states. Let’s check how strong […]

    “Cooked alive.” Billions of mollusks and fish have died in Canada due to the abnormal heat
    13 Jul 2021

    Canadian experts have stated that ecosystems are vulnerable to abnormal heat in Canada. More than a billion mollusks and fish have died along the Pacific coast, The Guardian reports. The death of marine life can temporarily affect water quality, because they are the ones who act in nature as paramedics. Due to fifteen days of […]