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    Gulf Stream loss of stability: Scientists spot warning signs
    08 Aug 2021

    Gulf Stream and other Atlantic currents are losing stability, the consequences can be catastrophic. The system of currents in the Atlantic Ocean has shown an almost complete loss of stability over the past 100 years, which threatens with serious consequences for the Earth’s climate, The Guardian reports, citing a study published in the journal Nature […]

    Conveyor stop? Why the Gulf Stream is slowing down and what it threatens the planet
    24 Jun 2021

    For more than a thousand years, the natural conveyor belt, which is important for the planet, has been working properly in the Atlantic. But humanity has spoiled it. In what way – let’s check the Chas News survey. Do you believe in the fountain of eternal youth? Most likely not, because it is difficult for […]

    FAQ: A brief guide to climate change
    10 Jun 2021

    The climate is often compared to the weather, but there’s a difference between them. The weather changes every day – sometimes it rains, sometimes there’s heat or frost. And the climate is the nature of weather conditions over a long period for a large area. Throughout the history of the Earth, the climate has changed […]