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    “A tanker rusts and can crack”: Greenpeace warns of the possibility of a disaster off the coast of Yemen

    The international environmental organization Greenpeace has called on the UN to take immediate action to prevent a possible environmental disaster off the coast of Yemen, where the abandoned FSO Safer tanker with 1.1 million barrels (140 thousand tons) of oil is moored. “The question is not if, the question is when. Moored six kilometers off […]

    Robert Hunter, Greenpeace co-founder: environmentalist and “media bomb” lover

    We strongly recommend the film “How to Change the World” which is dedicated to the first public action of the movement, which will later be named Greenpeace. The movie depicts the voyage that caused the cancellation of the American nuclear test program in the Aleutian Islands and laid the foundations for a new, active and […]