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    The amount of electricity generated by coal jumped to all-time highs in 2021 – opinion
    04 Jan 2022

    Frank Kane, a business journalist based in Dubai, believes that it is a supreme irony that, despite the vocal calls of environmental activists for the complete abandonment of coal as a source of power generation, 2021 will go down as the year King Coal resumed his throne in the global energy markets. Let’s check his […]

    Details from Airbus aircraft will be transported across the ocean by kites

    While you probably associate kites with your childhood, you might not associate them with the shipping industry. Details from Airbus aircraft will be transported across the ocean by ships equipped with giant kites. The thrust of a sail with an area of ​​1000 square meters will reduce fuel consumption and pollution. In early 2022, the […]

    In Finland, excessive consumption of meat was recognized as “the most unnecessary thing of the year”

    In Finland, Suomen Luonto (“Finnish Nature”) magazine, choosing “the most unnecessary thing of the year” for two decades, this year “awarded” the excessive meat consumption, Yle reports. The magazine notes that in addition to environmental damage, there is also a negative impact on health. Many Finns eat much more red meat than experts recommend. Over […]

    Mammoths, cows and superglue: 18 original solutions against climate change
    28 Nov 2021

    We collected the most unusual solutions for the benefit of the environment from around the world. Let’s check this compilation, thankfully to the “Rubryka”.   What is the problem? Climate change is a global problem. Forest fires, powerful hurricanes, swarms of earthquakes, droughts, abnormal floods and frosts – what other cataclysms must occur for humanity […]

    Post-COP26: coal trajectory is set whether it’s ‘phase out’ or “phase down”
    17 Nov 2021

    What’s the real difference between “phase out” and “phase down”? Let’s read the explanation by Reuters Asia Commodities Columnist Clyde Russell. *** This semantic exercise is receiving considerable attention in the wake of a compromise on coal reached at the weekend at the conclusion of the U.N. climate talks in Glasgow. For those committed to […]

    ‘Expo Live’ program benefits 5.8 million-plus people worldwide

    More than 5.8 million people – including farmers, traders, students, teachers, doctors, patients, and people of determination – have benefitted from the work of 140 social entrepreneurs supported under Expo 2020 Dubai’s global innovation and partnership program Expo Live, WAM reports. The Expo Live grantees – named ‘Global Innovators’ – have committed themselves to making […]

    U.N. climate agreement clinched after late drama over coal
    15 Nov 2021

    U.N. climate talks ended Saturday with a deal that for the first time targeted fossil fuels as the key driver of global warming, even as coal-reliant countries lobbed last-minute objections. While the agreement won applause for keeping alive the hope of capping global warming at 1.5° C, many of the nearly 200 national delegations wished […]

    COP26, Day 11: paving the way for a new industrial era
    13 Nov 2021

    The COP26 climate talks have high hopes, as the world is already feeling the effects of the failure of the Kyoto Protocol, which failed to change the trajectory of the world economy 20 years ago. The Paris Agreement is designed to do just that, and the Glasgow talks are a turning point. Let’s start our […]

    COP26, Day 10: U.K. hosts published a draft text that urged countries to improve their climate targets by next year
    11 Nov 2021

    The endgame of COP26 has begun. In the early hours of November 10 morning, the U.K. hosts published a draft text that urged countries to improve their climate targets by next year. Now the other 196 nations are digesting its contents and starting to push back. One of the most contentious clauses is a commitment […]

    COP26, Day 9: Climate-linked health risks to rise, COP26 panelists warn
    10 Nov 2021

    If you thought the COVID-19 pandemic was disruptive and deadly, climate change would be so much worse. So said a slew of panelists щт Тщмуьиук 9 at the U.N. climate talks in Glasgow, warning about escalating climate-linked health threats such as disease, heatstroke and air pollution. But they also called out the health systems in […]