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    Top-17 creative cases to save the planet

    Plastic pollution, global warming, extinction of species – all this is about the climate crisis, which without exaggeration affects everyone. Not only governments and NGOs, but also businesses are working to solve this problem. Together with creatives, they create non-standard solutions that can contribute to nature conservation. Let’s read the compilation of the most exciting […]

    What is the “3.5% rule” beloved of climate protesters?
    27 Nov 2021

    Mobilizing a certain proportion of the population will not guarantee a movement’s success, believe The Economist journalists. Let’s get through their opinion. Last weekend, 100,000 activists marched through Glasgow, where the UN’s climate summit was taking place, demanding that governments do more to tackle global warming. Many carried the banners of the Extinction Rebellion (XR), […]

    Global warming: lockdown gave the planet a breather, but did not stop climate change
    13 Oct 2021

    Wildfires, droughts, floods – the number of extreme weather events is on the rise, and scientists associate this with climate change. The world is reviving after a year’s lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and together with the economy, greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly returning to dock-like heights. This is bad news for a planet […]