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    Gig economy taxi services: traveling on Uber and Lyft is more harmful to the city than on the private car, the study said

    Decades ago, road sharing platforms Uber and Lyft, entering the market, claimed that their business would help reduce personal travel by car, unload city streets and even increase the use of public transport. But a new study by American scientists proves the opposite, according to Bloomberg CityLab. The researchers decided to study externalities, or “external […]

    Charters, coliving, cars: how subscription services became the new norm and changed our lives

    Once upon a time, subscriptions were associated with media only. Then streaming poured into our lives – it turned out that you can get access to bottomless catalogs of music, films, and TV series for a small monthly fee. Now we are buying things less and less. And this is logical when even houses and […]