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    What climate change requires of economics
    21 Oct 2021

    This summer’s record-breaking heatwave in the American northwest offered a reminder – as if it were needed – of what anthropogenic climate change will mean for living conditions now and in the future. Average global temperatures have already risen to 1.2° C above pre-industrial levels and could increase by another 5° C over the next […]

    How to cool the Earth, will trees save us, and what is the worst-case scenario for the future?
    31 May 2021

    The problem of climate change is already there. A 2013 UN report said that it’s necessary to keep the planet warming at less than 2 ° C in order to avoid irreversible changes in ecosystems, and in 2020 this figure was already 1.2 ° C. Many believe that if not decisive action is taken to […]