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    Why do we have to give up fur and leather clothes, and what are the alternatives

    Ethical consumption is the result of consciousness. Usually, people don’t care what they wear is made from. But workers’ rights must be respected in production, and that production does not harm the environment and animals. Let’s read Anastasia Pokropivna, representative of the “Fur-free retail” campaign of the NGO “Open Cages,” an explanation of what ethical […]

    Fight against the fur industry in a pandemic year: small victories in a big deal

    2020 will be remembered by all as a difficult year and it is, to put it mildly. Mankind has faced considerable difficulties, particularly those caused by animal husbandry (COVID-19 pandemic, bird flu outbreaks on foie gras farms in France). Nevertheless, activists from around the world have made every effort to ban the fur business in […]

    Beauty does not need sacrifices. Stories of fashion houses that refused to sell fur

    No matter how interested you are in fashion, it affects our lives in one way or another. The same story is with politics and environmental conservation, states Olena Baran, representative of the UA Plant-Based campaign, in her article for Rubryka. In “The Devil Wears Prada,” the protagonist, editor of a fashion magazine very similar to […]