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    How to check whether wood, paper, and other forest products are environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly products do not harm the environment, even during production, use, and disposal. But can all forest products be called “environmentally friendly” only based on their origin from renewable sources? Is this characteristic sufficient? The answer is no, says Pavlo Kravets, director of Forest Stewardship Council Ukraine, in his article for Ruryka. Regenerability is […]

    Should we create miniature forests instead of parks in the world’s megacities?

    The Japanese botanist has figured out how to quickly grow a forest in the middle of the city. Now his services are in full swing in cities around the world, The Economist reports. Wild forests, which are described below, no longer need to be ennobled: in the world, fashion recommends creating the forest in the […]

    “Avatar”: An old fairy tale in a new world

    A moment later I emerged entirely from the cloud bank, but though I searched in all directions, I saw nothing but foliage, above, around, below me, yet I could see far down into that abyss of leaves. In the soft light I could not determine the color of the foliage, but I was sure that […]

    Eco-warriors in African style: Virunga National Park

    Western people hardly know the names of all African countries, and they know even less about the vicissitudes of their politics. War and war crimes in the former colonies are of little concern to the white population of the ‘First World’. There are, however, themes that seep through that veil from time to time. One […]