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    Iraq and KRG delegations supported COP26 targets – reducing methane emissions, cutting gas flaring, and others
    24 Nov 2021

    Members of the Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegations at the 26th United Nations Global Climate Summit in Glasgow, United Kingdom, have told Rudaw that they are committed to climate action ahead of the final COP26 deal. Iraq and the KRG have already supported targets, including reducing methane emissions, preserving the forest and land […]

    Baker Hughes to help capture gas at Iraq’s southern oil fields
    25 Oct 2021

    Iraq’s South Gas Company (SGC) has announced a project to capture the gas at the Nasiriyah and Garraf [Gharraf] oil fields, in partnership with the American company Baker Hughes, Iraq-Business News reports. Instead of flaring, the gas will be used to increase electricity generation while reducing the environmental impact of oil production. The project will […]

    Iraqi Kurdistan Region faces challenges to end flaring
    30 Sep 2021

    The Kurdistan Region has given oil companies 18 months to stop flaring associated gas, a toxic byproduct of crude oil production that has been burned off at the Region’s oil fields since day one. The move would end the environmentally damaging practice. Still, it is unclear whether the Kurdistan Region will be able to make […]