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    Oxygen-free seas, ghost nets, and demolished reefs. How fisheries and aquaculture destroy ocean ecosystems

    Fish and other seafood have always played an important role in the life of humanity. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, fish accounts for approximately 16% of the animal protein consumed by the inhabitants of the planet. However, the appetites of civilization are growing. Like an older woman from a […]

    Red Sea Development Company partners with Blue Planet Ecosystems for the sustainable fish pilot scheme

    The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has signed two memorandums of understanding (MoU) with Blue Planet Ecosystems (BPE), Saudi Gazette states. Signed by CEO of TRSDC John Pagano and CEO of BPE Paul Schmitzburger, the first MoU sees the entities pledging to investigate the implementation of a viable solution for Sustainable High Tech, CO2 Negative […]

    Over 14,000 artificial coral reefs in Oman

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth and Water Resources, represented by the General Directorate of Agricultural and Fisheries Wealth and Water Resources in Musandam, implemented a project of lowering four artificial reefs at 30 to 50 meters in the Wilayat of Dibba in Musandam Governorate, Oman Observer reports. The project, execution of which is financed […]

    What’s wrong with the oceanariums? Pitfalls of water zoos

    Let’s check Rubryka’s analysis of the heated discussions about the appropriateness of such kinds of entertainment as oceanariums. At first glance, aquariums with marine life do not look cruel, but even beautiful, romantic, sometimes fabulous. We are attracted by the world of ocean depths and the opportunity to “look into the gap” and find out […]

    Fish and seafood vs. environmental protection

    Recently, more and more research is proving the vast amount of greenhouse gases and other environmental tragedies that result from the production of animal products. The United Nations points out in its report that approximately 37% of air emissions come from the food industry, which forces livestock in large areas in need of mass deforestation. […]

    Seaspiracy. The fishing industry is more harmful to the environment than plastic

    Let’s watch a new Netflix documentary and learn about the impact of commercial fishing. Fishing nets pollute the world’s oceans and harm marine life more than plastic tubes. Dolphins do not suffer the most from dolphinariums, but from being caught in nets while fishing. Fish farms are no better, because they create a lot of […]

    Qatar fights against climate change with expanded fish farming
    15 May 2021

    Qatari initiatives to expand fish farming in Gulf waters can prevent the depletion of resources caused by the impact of climate change, Doha News reports. Depletion of fishery stocks has prompted Qatar to expand fish farming efforts in offshore Gulf waters. At the same time the demand for fresh produce in local markets grows. Research […]