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    Impacts of fast fashion on the environment

    The fashion industry, especially since the rise of fast fashion, is among the most damaging industries for the environment, responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of global wastewater. Let’s read the article by Earth.org based on a review article by Niinimaki et al. (2020), published in Nature in April 2020.    Some […]

    Are clothes made from recycled materials really more sustainable?

    A growing number of brands are switching to recycled fibers but experts worry people may believe their purchases are impact-free – when that’s far from true. We’ve found for you an explanation by The Guardian what is wright and what is wrong in this sphere. Woven into your clothes is a material that takes on […]

    What is an eco-friendly fabric: a material guide

    The theme of sustainability is among the top of designers’ talks. Many people would like to switch to organic fabrics. What eco-friendly tissues are there? Many people have heard of hemp, but besides it, there is already an incredible amount of completely biodegradable materials. We’ve found for you WWD material guide. Next-gen materials are receiving […]

    The time for sustainable fashion has come. How to dress eco-friendly?

    At first glance, the innocent fashion industry is one of the main polluters of the environment. Clothing production is responsible for 10% of all CO2 emissions per year. It ranks 2nd in the world in the use of freshwater, while responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution. In addition, the fashion industry harms not […]

    The real price of the clothes. Which fabrics are the most harmful to the environment?

    Fast fashion threatens the future of the planet. The Independent journalist Sara Young talked to industry experts to learn how different fabrics affect the environment. Let’s check what they propose. Oversized leather jackets and light cotton dresses are the staple of many wardrobes. But do we really know how our favorite fashions affect the environment? […]