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    Should we stop buying new clothes? Five rules of eco-friendly wardrobe

    “Fashion forms dumps very quickly”: It is really fashionable to be in eco-trend now. Such giants of the fashion industry as H&M, Adidas, Levi’s, Marks & Spencer, Nike have long been using recycling in the production of new collections, world-famous actors, athletes, models, and politicians are increasingly choosing clothing from recycled materials, and startups are […]

    Luxury brands are getting greener – in what way?

    Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, and other major fashion houses use old fabrics to sew new collections. Let’s get acquainted with Vogue’s story about “greener fashion.” Fashion loves to repeat itself. There is ample evidence of this – the cyclical nature of trends, numerous references to the past and fashionable nostalgia, archival reprints, and the growing […]