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    Let’s celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day

    The largest land mammals on Earth are at the most significant risk of complete extinction through human actions – poaching and legal hunting; capturing elephants for circuses for everyday torture in captivity to please deceived spectators; destruction of their habitat. On September 22 we celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day. It was established in 1996​. Publisher Wayne […]

    Britain will ban keeping elephants in zoos

    The British government plans to ban the keeping of elephants in zoos and safari parks in accordance with the expansion of the law on keeping animals, which MPs are to pass this year, The Daily Mail reports. The ban, initiated by Environment Minister Zach Goldsmith, is reflected in a report on the welfare of elephants […]

    Elephants, rifles and nature conservation in Kenya

    ‘When Lambs Become Lions’ by Jon Kasbe is not the first in a series of documentaries about the fight against wildlife destruction in Africa. For instance, I strongly recommend you to watch ‘Virunga, a movie about the struggle to save elephants in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, Kasbe has managed to find an innovative […]