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    Swamps – beautiful but underestimated ecosystems

    November 7 is a day at the COP26 climate conference dedicated to the importance of nature and sustainable land use. On this occasion, we will talk about such beautiful but underestimated ecosystems as swamps. Swamps are associated with something dirty and unpleasant. But here are five facts from a less scary reality that will help […]

    Steppes: the last islands of nature

    The last islands of wildlife are hidden among the network of cities and industrial giants of Eurasia. These are the last pearls of the once majestic ecosystem. Let’s talk today about the steppes. I thank eco-activist Oleksiy Burkovsky and zoologist Oleksiy Vasyliuk, the screenwriters of the documentary “Torsky Steppes,” for helpful information. Global conditions on […]

    Beaver’s economic effect: invisible profit from nature

    Forest ecosystems give us a lot of benefits and ecosystem services. This is what scientists say at the international level and taken into account by officials when developing state budgets. We’ve written about what ecosystem services are and why we should pay for nature conservation here. Let’s get acquainted with the topic in more detail, […]

    What’s more valuable – forest ecosystem services or economic growth?

    Let’s continue our investigation of what ecosystem services are that we started in previous articles. I thank UNCG NGO for the excellent explanation of the topic. Forest biodiversity is somehow strangely linked to human well-being, money, and climate change. At first glance this connection really strange. Why so? These are certain benefits that humanity receives […]

    Why some forests on the map are not actually forests

    The introduction of ecosystem services directly depends on forest biodiversity. That is, from how natural they are. We have already focused in previous articles on what ecosystem services are. And why we should preserve wildlife as it is. Now let’s talk about what’s happening to the world’s forests and forest biodiversity. I thank a lot […]

    Ecosystem services: in what way parks and forests save your money

    Ecosystem services are the many and varied benefits to humans provided by the natural environment and from healthy ecosystems. Such ecosystems include, for example, agroecosystems, forest ecosystems, grassland ecosystems and aquatic ecosystems. These ecosystems, functioning in healthy relationships, offer such things like natural pollination of crops, clean air, extreme weather mitigation, and human mental and […]