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    A Climate Change Initiative to Transform Iraq
    13 Nov 2021

    Let’s check the official text from the Office of the Iraqi President. Mesopotamia Revitalization Project: A Climate Change initiative to Transform Iraq and The Middle East Addressing climate change must become a national priority for Iraq. The country is one of the most at-risk from climate-change impact; according to the UN Environment Program, Iraq is […]

    Opinion: Resisting the inevitable – the Saudi Arabian dilemma on COP26
    11 Nov 2021

    We’ve found a remarkable article prepared by Climate Action Network (CAN). This is the world’s largest climate network made up of over 1,500 civil society organizations in over 130 countries, together fighting the climate crisis. Since its inception in the 1980s, CAN has grown into a member-driven network driving collective and sustainable action to fight […]

    SABB, Green Horizons back Saudi Green Initiative

    Saudi British Bank (SABB) has partnered with the Green Horizons Environmental Association to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative, focused on protecting the environment, and developing and promoting environmental awareness. Tony CRIPPS, Managing Director of SABB, and Dr. Maha Al-Dubaihi, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Horizons Environmental Association, signed […]

    Steppe soils are a blessing for humanity, but humans use them for the destruction of natural ecosystems

    Great catastrophes come from human’s unwillingness to comply with the laws of nature, from his reluctance to understand that hunger cannot be quenched by ravaging the earth. Jean Dorst, French zoologist.   Let’s continue the conversation about whether agriculture can harm wildlife started in my previous column. Looking ahead, we will answer this question. It […]

    The Great Green Wall in Africa is failing, but its legacy could still be a success

    Desertification – when warming temperatures or human activity deteriorates soil fertility in drylands – causes 12 million hectares of land to lose their productivity each year. 1.5 billion people worldwide depend on land that is slowly being degraded by desertification, which causes around USD$42 billion of lost earnings from agriculture a year. Let’s get acquainted […]

    Floods in Europe in 2021 will lead to desertification by 2070?
    12 Sep 2021

    The world is changing, and the cataclysms that happened around the globe this summer were the evidence of this change. But humanity still has a chance to influence the situation and return the climate to the state of the pre-industrial period. Let’s check Rubryka’s opinion on how many years it will take and what should […]

    Thousands of trees have died in Dubai after costly real estate projects thwarted attempts to halt desertification

    Let’s look at the Dubai nature conservation efforts from the point of view of The Guardian. Its journalist states that the One Million Trees initiative went in not such a brilliant way as it could be. It all began so beautifully, with the ruler of Dubai photographed planting the first tree of his ambitious environmental […]

    Desertification: scale, rate and the role of humanity
    08 Aug 2021

    Every year on June 17, the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is celebrated. Activists of the Plant-Based campaign decided to find out what kind of day it is and what to do with it. Read what happened in the article. How do we affect the planet? Everything originates from the soil – a […]

    Cloud seeding, straw in dunes and drone trees: how the world solves the problem of desertification
    22 Jul 2021

    Let’s talk about ways to maintain balance on the planet. Some of them will definitely surprise you: for example, text messages from… spinach. We’re thankful to Rubryka for their amazing review. We have become almost accustomed to unusually low temperatures and abnormal heat in recent years, which change very quickly. We even treat these weather […]

    Should we plant a trillion trees around the world to save the nature?

    In the previous article, we talked about how agriculture has a detrimental effect on ecosystems, especially the last steppes in Europe. Let us now dwell in more detail on some of the harmful practices of agriculture. Oleksiy Vasyliuk, a zoologist and chairman of the UNCG NGO, helps us with this. Pesticides There is an eco-movements […]