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    Syria war turned coast into ‘pollution flashpoint’ – NGO report
    23 Dec 2021

    Pollution stemming from the conflict in Syria is posing ‘acute health risks for civilians’, Middle East Eye reports. Leaks from moored tankers, underwater pipelines and wastewater systems have turned the Syrian coast into a major “conflict-linked pollution flashpoint”, said a report released on Tuesday. The study by PAX, a Dutch peace-building organization, analyzed public and […]

    Drought, dams, and dry rivers: Iraqi farmers are giving up hope

    Iraqi farmers face drought, a significant drop in annual rainfall, and growing salinity in the once water-rich country. Let’s check Middle East Eye story about it, written in 2018. *** The blazing sun beats down on Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim as he points to what is left of his date palms and the damage caused by […]

    Water crisis forces Iraq to reduce winter crop area further

    This year, Iraq will halve its cultivation area for winter crops as the country tries to conserve water amid a crippling shortage that shows no sign of abating. The shortage is caused by insufficient rainfall and dams built on major rivers in Turkey and Iran, The National News states. The decision, announced by the Ministry […]

    Quarrels with neighbors, soil erosion, the disappearance of rare species. What has Turkey achieved by building dams?

    The rapid population growth of Turkey has increased the need for energy and food, as is the case around the world. In Turkey, as in many other countries, authorities are trying to fill the gaps that have arisen in the economy in various ways, often quite environmentally friendly, for example, by building windmills. Dams also […]

    A delegation from the Turkish water ministry to visit Iraq soon

    A delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Water resources is set to visit Iraq soon, the Turkish Consul General to Mosul told Iraqi state media on July 17 after Iraq and Syria signed an agreement on water resources, Rudaw reports. “A delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Water Resources will soon visit Iraq to study […]

    Iran renewable water resources decline by 30%

    Renewable water resources have decreased by 30% over the last four decades, while Iran’s population has increased by about 2.5 times, Qasem Taqizadeh, deputy minister of energy, has stated for Tehran Times. The current water year (started on September 23, 2020) has received the lowest rain in the past 52 years, so climate change and […]

    Iraqi Kurdistan Region reorganizes water distribution to reduce excessive water use

    The Kurdistan Region’s Water Directorate says it will not reduce water supplies but will reorganize distribution to decrease the overuse of water as the region suffers from a water crisis, the department said in May. According to international standards, “each person needs 200 to 250 liters of water, but what we’re supplying daily is between […]