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    Why do we have to give up fur and leather clothes, and what are the alternatives

    Ethical consumption is the result of consciousness. Usually, people don’t care what they wear is made from. But workers’ rights must be respected in production, and that production does not harm the environment and animals. Let’s read Anastasia Pokropivna, representative of the “Fur-free retail” campaign of the NGO “Open Cages,” an explanation of what ethical […]

    30 years since the invasion of Kuwait: prodigal use of water an invasion on environment

    On August 2, Kuwait commemorated the 30th anniversary of the vicious invasion of Kuwait in 1990. On this day, the country recalled with horror the trauma and suffering during the seven-month-long occupation by Iraqi forces, when random arrests, imprisonment, torture, and killing of those opposed to the regime, as well as the plunder and pilferage […]