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    The amount of electricity generated by coal jumped to all-time highs in 2021 – opinion
    04 Jan 2022

    Frank Kane, a business journalist based in Dubai, believes that it is a supreme irony that, despite the vocal calls of environmental activists for the complete abandonment of coal as a source of power generation, 2021 will go down as the year King Coal resumed his throne in the global energy markets. Let’s check his […]

    Climate change, rising sea level threaten Egypt’s Alexandria
    27 Dec 2021

    During the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson painted a bleak picture of Egypt’s Alexandria, warning that it could disappear under rising seas. During the inauguration speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) held in the Scottish city of Glasgow from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12, British Prime […]

    Two climate activists halted operations at the world’s largest coal port
    13 Dec 2021

    Let’s read the story that first appeared in Common Dreams. The described method to stop a coal port does highlight the fact that this port exports 158 million tonnes of coal a year. This action also shows how vulnerable the industrial system is. It can be stopped when two people have the courage to throw […]

    Post-COP26: coal trajectory is set whether it’s ‘phase out’ or “phase down”
    17 Nov 2021

    What’s the real difference between “phase out” and “phase down”? Let’s read the explanation by Reuters Asia Commodities Columnist Clyde Russell. *** This semantic exercise is receiving considerable attention in the wake of a compromise on coal reached at the weekend at the conclusion of the U.N. climate talks in Glasgow. For those committed to […]

    How bad is China’s energy crisis?
    02 Oct 2021

    China is implementing power rationing as supplies dwindle due to the price rise of imported coal. Let’s get to know what happens, thanks to The Guardian. The situation is widespread. In recent days, factories in 20 of China’s 31 provinces have suffered a loss of power, forcing many to shut down production, at least for […]

    Climate change: ditch 90% of the world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C – experts
    09 Sep 2021

    Global mean surface temperatures reached 1.2°C above the pre-industrial average in 2020. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in its recent report that Earth could hit 1.5°C in as little as a decade. The 0.3°C separating these two temperatures makes a world of difference. Scientists believe that stabilizing our warming world’s temperature at 1.5°C […]

    The USA used fewer fossil fuels in 2020 than it has in three decades
    21 Jul 2021

    Americans gobbled up fewer fossil fuels in 2020 than they have in three decades, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Consumption of petroleum, natural gas, and coal dropped by 9 percent last year compared to 2019, the most significant annual decrease since the EIA started keeping track in 1949. The COVID-19 pandemic was […]