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    Oman is the latest Gulf state to pursue ‘clean hydrogen’, launches the ‘Hy-Fly’ alliance
    25 Aug 2021

    Oman is the latest Gulf state to make a push for ‘clean’ hydrogen by launching a grouping of 13 public and private entities to develop a framework for its future use. The new alliance, named ‘Hy-Fly,’ includes oil and gas operators, educational and research institutes, and port operators apart from government agencies, Gulf News states. […]

    Saudi Arabia gets green light on clean hydrogen
    18 Aug 2021

    Hydrogen is morphing from a niche power source into a potential front-runner in the green energy revolution. Research shows that Saudi Arabia can become one of the world’s largest suppliers of the gas, Arab News reports. Many experts agree that “green” hydrogen, a carbon-friendly nontoxic gas produced using renewable energy, can play a significant role […]