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    The environmental reforms in Paris: city plans to make the Seine suitable for swimming

    Paris plans to make the Seine river suitable for swimming by 2024 through the construction of a huge reservoir, according to Bloomberg CityLab. The city now has a 19th-century sewer system that combines rainwater and sewage. Therefore, during heavy rains (which are becoming more frequent due to climate change), a mixture of rainwater and products […]

    Why Henry Ford’s utopian city in the Amazon failed

    Ninety-four years ago, Henry Ford built a utopian city in the Amazon, intended to be free from alcohol and unemployment. But seven years later, the Fordland project failed. We’ve found a brilliant explanation of why no one liked living in Ford’s utopia. Columnist Anton Semizhenko has read a dozen articles and a book by Greg […]

    How city planners save urban dwellers from the heat

    Global temperatures are rising, and 2020 is the hottest year on record. Since the 19th century, the planet has warmed by more than one degree Celsius, which is especially noticeable now in large cities. In a built environment that is too often made of glass, steel, asphalt, and concrete, hazardous urban heat islands increase the […]

    Vertical gardens in the city: how to green up your apartment building creatively

    Experts say that turning a city house into a palace is real. Let’s check the explanation by the founder of the Center for Alternative Gardening in Kyiv, who revealed the secrets of safe and beautiful green walls in the Rubryka article. We find examples of vertical gardening most often in parks and recreation areas. There […]

    AlUla’s ‘green pedestrian spine’: ‘journey through time’ along the ancient incense route

    A living museum. That is hardly a phrase usually heard to describe an ancient site whose history stretches back some 2,000 years to the time of the Nabataeans, an enigmatic people whose trading empire carved out this mysterious hidden gem, known today as AlUla. The site will soon enjoy a second chance at glory thanks […]

    Masdar City attracts global and regional innovation giants

    Masdar City, the sustainable urban development in the UAE, is set to play a key role in the global green recovery from COVID-19 as it continues to add sustainability-focused innovation and technology companies, WAM reports. The number of companies in the City’s free zone increased 26 percent in 2020, indicating the important role of the […]

    Saudi Arabia builds Masdar City – world’s first Zero Carbon City

    The United Arab Emirates recent years has announced a commitment to environmental sustainability. The Independent writes about the UAE Green Turn. Let’s check Rahma Khan article out. The United Arab Emirates – the country with the world’s tallest building and fast-growing metropolitan areas – was previously notorious for being one of the world’s top sources […]